Green is more than a Calming Color

Everyone can do more to be eco-friendly and preserve our world. Most of us can do more than we realize. At Farmers and Merchants State Bank, we have been working for many years to find green-friendly ways to operate. Our data center is powered by fuel cells, which don't emit any greenhouse gases. Our online banking services dramatically reduce the use of paper. We think we've made a difference. There is plenty you can do to make a difference as well. Working together, we can do even more. Talk to us today to find out how to green your banking experience.

If every U.S. household stopped receiving paper bills and statements, 687,000 tons of paper would be saved every year, enough to circle the Earth 239 times.

Farmers and Merchants State Bank offers Online Banking, BillPay and Paperless Statements for free! Not only will you save time and money with online services, you'll help the environment.

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Electronic billing, on average, can save 6.6 pounds of paper and eliminate 171 pounds of greenhouse gases for every American household.

That's equivalent of saving 8.8 gallons of gasoline, or avoiding 169 miles of driving. It's also the equivalent of preserving 24 square feet of forestland.

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You can make a difference! By switching to electronic bills, statements, and payments, every year the average household can:

  • Save 6.6 pounds of paper
  • Save 0.079 trees
  • Avoid use of 4.5 gallons of gasoline to mail bills, statements, and payments

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Use Your Debit Card. Reduce paper by using your Farmers and Merchants State Bank Visa® Debit Card to make purchases and pay your bills instead of writing checks.

  • Making a difference is easy!

    No matter your resources, you can change the world by improving the environment. Here are a few simple ways that you can begin to go green.

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